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Welcome to Tiny Facebook

The simplest way to send people to your Facebook profile or network, no long random number to remember, just your Name or Nickname. Just send people to a much more human url like instead and we do the rest.

Add our Facebook app. If you don't have a TinyFB link already the app sets you up with a quick add link for TinyFB. Check out a screenshot of it in action.

Do You Have a Idea for TinyFB?

I am looking for a idea of what to do with TinyFB, the origonal point of shrinking usernames is no longer required thanks to usernames however I still have this domain and a few active users. I am looking for you input on where to go, please email me with your ideas


About Us

TinyFB or Tiny Facebook was started in 2007 when Scotepi (Facebook) got frustrated that Facebook didn't have short links for profiles similar to other social sites. The idea for the site is partly based on TinyURL.

Terms of Use

TinyFB reserves the right to, at any time, take over or remove “redirects” for either functional reasons or inappropriate use including but not limited to hate, spam, inappropriate words or general missuse.


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